Certificate of Accreditation granted to Citilab & RC. The Medical Laboratory has achieved ISO 15189:2012 registration for quality management practices.

Citi Lab & Research Centre(CLRC) was established in 1986.Initiallyit provided reliable and reproducible routine chemical clinicaltestsfacilities. Strictly following standards of precision throughout thequartercentury, we have grown a little bit. Today CLRC servespatients in theseveral cities of the country (Pakistan). Yet the spirit behindout work is thesame as it was when we started; to provide our patients andtheir doctors witha lab they can trust. There are many reasons for whateversuccess we have had.Of course nothing happens without the grace of theAlmighty. The prayers ofparents and many well wishers, the guidance of seniorteachers and theassistance of many colleagues and hard work of all the staffhave to beacknowledged. Now Citi Lab & Research Centre has 44 collectioncentres andin all the four provinces of Pakistan. Our test menu consistsof more than600 different tests. CLRC is registered and ISO 9001:2008certifiedorganization by American Global Standards USA.

The CLRC is one of the major independent providersofclinical laboratory diagnostic services in Pakistan. We provide ourcustomerswith the laboratory information required for diagnosis and treatmentof medicaldisorders. At present CLRC is providing many services, following isthe bird eyeview in this regard.

·       Comprehensive,multidisciplinary pathologicalanalysis.

·       Extendsits facilities of advanced diagnostic analysisto other laboratories of goodrepute.

·       Supportto trials of pharmaceuticals companies.

·       Demandand presence of satellite lab in differenthospitals of the city, reflectreliability of CLRC.



At present at theCLRC facilities of routine analysisas well that of research level are availablein the following areas.

·       Biochemistry

·       Biotechnology/MolecularBiology

·       Haematology

·       Microbiology

·       ClinicalChemistry/Chemical Pathology

·       SpecialChemistry

·       Immunology

·       Endocrinology

·       ViralMarkers

·       TumourMarkers

·       Histopathology/Cytopathology