Certificate of Accreditation granted to Citilab & RC. The Medical Laboratory has achieved ISO 15189:2012 registration for quality management practices.


CitiLab & Research Centre considers maintainingquality on continuous bases that involves right people, right procedures, righteducation and right equipment. As a policy, the lab monitors performancequality in all its procedures and identifies opportunities for furtherimprovements. The best-in-class practices follow strict internal standards thateffectively enhance the performance, thereby reducing both technical and humanerrors.

External quality assurance systems

  • ISO 9001:2008 (?) accredited
  • Investigations are carried out according to the Latest Guidelines
  • External quality control (EQAS, USA)
  • Online expert opinion
  • International collaborations in research

Internal quality assurance systems

  • Hi-tech equipment ensuring precise results.
  • Internal Coding system for accurate identification.

·       Expertiseat all working levels. 

  • Specially trained staff ensuring non-contamination and ideal maintenance of biological samples
  • All analyses and results are according to WHO-FDA Standards (calibrations, standards and quality control)
  • Laboratory management and data management are fully computerized.
  • Sophisticated logistics preserving the samples integrity at the time of collection and during their transport



The Quality Management Group (QMG) is responsiblefor the planning, organization and direction of a quality management systemwithin all divisions of CLRC in accordance with appropriate accreditation andregulatory bodies. The aims of these recommendations may be summarized thus:

·       To meet theneeds of relevant evolving regulatory standards (ISO9001-2008).

·       To ensuresufficient resources and management, time is devoted to quality.

·       To put alldivisions of CLRC under central quality management control.

·       To formalizeExternal Quality Assessment management procedures with EQAS, USA.

Quality Management Definitions:

In a medical laboratory, the quality can be defined asaccuracy, reliability, and timeliness of the reported test results.  Toachieve the highest level of accuracy and reliability, standard QC/QA testingprocedures and conditions are practiced in CLRC on daily basis.  

Quality Control refers to those measures that must be included in each assayto verify that the test is working properly.  

Quality Assurance is defined as the overall program that ensures that the finalresults reported by the laboratory are as correct and accurate as possible. Itincludes the use of monitoring techniques,including inspections and audits, to promote confidence in laboratory results,to assure the quality of the data generated and to ensure compliance withaccrediting bodies such as ISO 9001-2008.

External Quality Assessment System(EQAS) is theprocess whereby a laboratory`s analytical performance is assessed with respectto its peers using analytical material obtained from an external provider. CLRCis also enrolled in EQAS a highly reputable international external qualitycontrol program.