Certificate of Accreditation granted to Citilab & RC. The Medical Laboratory has achieved ISO 15189:2012 registration for quality management practices.

Sample Requirements (SpecialInstructions)

1.     Contact the laboratory (CitiLab) at (042-35168080) for advice on sample taking and special sample tubes/containers/instructions.

2.     Sample container must be correctly labeled by hand with first name, family name age and lab number as detailed on the request form.

3.     Contact the Referrals Department before taking and sending sample to the laboratory.

4.     Sample transportation and arrival time (from collection to deliver on the lab) for different test is different and is very crucial for that please contact the CitiLab.

5.     Send samples to the laboratory without delay and Protect from light and high temperature.

6.     Clinical history must be provided.

7.     For different tests fasting samples are needed for that please contact Citilab before sampling. Samples need to be handled urgently.

8.     Contact the laboratory for special stability tubes for lymphocyte subsets- or take an EDTA sample and ensure same day delivery to the laboratory.

9.     For Blood culture bottle: contact laboratory.

10.   Sterile Swabs and Sterile containers for Culture/microbiological tests along will also be available from Man Lab of CLRC

11.   24-hour urine collection – state total volume.

12.   Urine cytology container, ideally first catch, mid-morning specimen,Must be fresh

13.   Ammonia: Sample: EDTA plasma only. Full tubes and tightly stopper. On ice,centrifuged and analyzed 20-30 minutes post venepuncture (or plasma can be frozen). If haemolysed gives falsely high results. Patient: Fasting. Avoid smoking.

14.   Lactate: Sample: Fluoride oxalate plasma only. On ice and separate from cells 15-30 minutes, analyze promptly. Handle with care as sweat contains large amounts of lactate. No tourniquet.
Patient: Rest 30 minutes prior to test.

15.   Vacutianers and their detail is given below: