Certificate of Accreditation granted to Citilab & RC. The Medical Laboratory has achieved ISO 15189:2012 registration for quality management practices.


There are many reasons why Citi Lab andResearch Centre (CLRC), Lahore should be the choice of the patient.

Here are a few of them:

A Reputation of Quality

A lab`s reputation depends upon the quality ofits test results. We are committed to continual improvement in quality ofpatient care. CLRC takes the quality of its test results very seriously. Thelab is enrolled in EQAS (USA), a highly reputable international ExternalQuality Control Program. They send us samples to analyze every month. We submitour results online, and our results are compared with thousands of other labsacross the world. Citi Lab and Research Centre is consistently rated among thetop labs in Pakistan enrolled in these programs.

We also operate an Internal Quality ControlPrograms. Results from various CLRC divisions and instruments are consistentlycompared to ensure that all CLRC results are accurate and reproducible.

The Fastest Results in Pakistan – NoExtra Cost!

Citi lab and Research Centre prides itself onits fast Turnaround Time. From routine to specialized tests likeHistopathology, PCR, CLRC has fast reporting time in Pakistan. Emergencytest facility for the patient and clinician is another stone mark of CLRC. If anypatient or clinician needs a report even faster than our standard reportingtime, we are happy to run the test out of turn without any extra cost.

Reasonable Rates

CLRC is providing a quality pathology servicesat very reasonable rates. Our team members are highly educated and well skilledin their fields as compared to other diagnostic centres in Lahore. Providingthe excellent quality test facilities on reasonable rates is blessing for thepatients


Our mission is to provide high quality labservices to everyone, including those who can`t afford our services. That iswhy CLRC offers reasonable discounts to non-affording patients. We don`t turnpeople away if they cannot pay. For this facility patient just have to contactthe Lab Manager at 042-35167333, 35168080.